Help for Parents of ADHD Kids – Pre-Order The Book Now!

PARENTING IS HARD WORK! FIND HELP AND RESOURCES for parents who are helping kids with ADHD

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ADHD Kid Resources Around the Web

  • ADHD Statistics, click here
  • Advocacy for Children with ADHD: CHADD, click here
  • Find Professionals/Therapists/Hospitals via CHADD, click here
  • Know Your Rights: Students with ADHD, from the Office of Education (US Govt), click here
  • Known Your Rights: 504 Fact Sheet, from the Office of Civil Rights (US Govt), click here

Looking for more ADHD Kid and Parent Resources?Here’s some ideas for where to look for local support?

  • Google ADHD in (your city/your state) to see what resources may be nearby, such as state or city-based advocacy or support groups
  • Look for ADHD clinical trials for in your area, this is a great way to get free or subsidized medication and checkups, plus a clinical diagnosis for your child.
  • Check out online ADHD support groups, which are offered through multiple sites online.