Press Release: ADHD Kid Daily Diary now available!

New personalized time management tool is good news for students with ADHD – and their parents, too!


“ADHD Kid Daily Diary” is a customizable system that helps students with ADHD take control of time management


December 1 – [Las Vegas, Nevada] –A unique new downloadable daily planner template specifically designed with kids with ADHD in mind is now available from The personalized system is designed to help students with ADHD get a better handle on time management and scheduling as well as encouraging the development of executive functioning skills.

Parents will also benefit from clear documentation of how their child is making use of their time, identifying and coping with distractions, and so on. The time logs generated are also very helpful for parents preparing for 504 or IEP plan reviews, requesting updates, and for documenting their child’s unique challenges.

ADHD Kid Daily Diary will:

  • Help the student learn to manage time and priorities.
  • Help the parent identify their child’s problem areas and provide better feedback and advice.
  • Help the parent be a better advocate for their child with 504/IEP plans.


ADHD Kid Daily Diary is available as either a PDF or a downloadable Word document so kids and parents are in control and can revise and customize it to their own needs.

Print out what you need, when you need it… print test pages… edit it and tweak it to your heart’s content. A simple manila folder will hold a week’s worth of daily journal pages – no need to carry around a bulky planner.

Students with multiple classes will find this especially valuable, as it enables them to block out homework for individual classes and schedule in their own breaks (this is important for people with ADHD for refocusing on a new task) where it works best for them.

Also included are sections devoted to daily chores as well as a section where the parent and student can review the child’s progress and provide insight into time management problem areas and where there’s room for improvement or add additional notes in preparation for a 504 plan or IEP meeting.


Alice Vo Edwards, MBA, is a PhD candidate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a specialty in research and evaluation as well as more than 15 years of experience in management roles, project management and mental health advocacy. 

Edwards developed this innovative planner format based on her experience as an advocate for her own daughter, helping her manage her attention difficulties and navigate school and other activities. She initially created the template to document and help prepare for her daughter’s 504 plan revisions. Over time, this led to refinement and expansion of the concept to assist with daily time management and success tracking.

The basic printable template is available now on the website, The ADHD Kid Daily Diary is available as a PDF for $9.99 or as an editable word document for $29.99. To make the product affordable for as many people as possible, Edwards is offering it on a “Pay What You Want” basis – either the suggested list price or a lower price (as low as $2.99 for the PDF and $11.99 for the editable Word document) for parents who are feeling financially stressed. 

The print version of the 2019 Academic Planner (July 1919 to June 2020) is available for pre-order.

Edwards’ forthcoming e-book, My ADHD Kid:The Lessons I’ve Learned On 504 Plans, Homework, and Time Management To Help My Child 
with ADHD Be Successful in Middle School
, the first in a series she plans to write to help parents of kids with ADHD, is also available for preorder.

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