5 Minutes to Less Stress

Learn how to quickly control and manage your stress with these fast and easy techniques

In 2016 and 2017, I was teaching live classes on stress management and meditation, but soon realized that people are so busy, they couldn’t find time to attend. Around the same time, my daughter, Emilia, was diagnosed with ADHD, and stress made her ability to focus even worse.

I decided to develop an online course that would help reduce stress for everyone from the busy professional, to the parents of ADHD kids (and other family members) who may be struggling with stress for any number of reasons.

No one is immune to situations that cause stress, but for ADHD kids, who already have trouble focusing, it can be overwhelming and lead to frustration and hopelessness — a sure set-up for daily stress. And when stress exacerbates the symptoms, it’s the perfect storm for meltdowns. Those with ADHD (kids and adults alike) often struggle with emotional dysregulation, which means that they feel things very strongly. Another benefit of these stress management techniques is that they include various forms of introductory meditation that can help those with ADHD mentally take a step back from a problem that is causing stress, to more analytically think about the actual problem, rather than getting stuck in the emotional, feeling response.

While it’s important to understand triggers for heightened ADHD symptoms — like lack of sleep, certain foods/additives, overstimulation, and electronic use — it’s even more important to practice and teach the techniques you will learn in 5 Minutes to Less Stress to yourself and any family members who struggle with ADHD.

In this course you’ll learn 7 meditation techniques: Counted Breathing Meditation, Tighten and Release Meditation, Word or Phrase Meditation, Guided Visualization Meditation, Loving Kindness Meditation, Responsive Tension Release and 20 Second Hug.

Take a look and let me know which techniques are the most helpful for you!

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